Guam, Saipan eSIM│4G High Speed ​​All You Can Eat│3-30 days

Sale price$499TWD

plan: Verizon petty money ๑ 300MB per day
number of days: 3 days

Product specifications
  • Weixun small capital ๑ 300MB per day : the first 300MB of high-speed traffic every day, and then reduce the speed to 128kbps (the traffic is reset every day)
  • Carrier: IT&E
  • Call/SMS: not supported
  • Internet speed: 4G
  • Hot sharing: not shareable
  • Calculation method: the first day after the scan is activated to 23:59:59 on the current day, calculated in Taiwan time
  • SIM card specification: eSIM
  • Expiry date : 2023/12/30 (continuously updated)

1. Due to the system, please select the logistics first when placing an eSIM order. Regardless of whether you choose mailing or super pick-up, eSIM is a virtual product and will not be shipped by logistics, so there will be no shipping costs.
2. Payment needs to be completed when placing an eSIM order. If the payment method is cash on delivery, we will [cancel the order].

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