Network card on Guam Saipan│4G high-speed all-you-can-eat│3-15 days

Sale price$699TWD

plan: Verizon travel style ๑ all you can eat
number of days: 3 days
Product specifications
  • Verizon Travel Model ๑ All you can eat : All you can eat at high speed with pure Internet
  • Carrier: Docomo Pacific
  • Call/SMS: not supported
  • Internet speed: 4G
  • Hotspot sharing: up to 1GB per day, one card and one device are recommended (it cannot be guaranteed that all devices can share)
  • Calculation method: after inserting the card to 23:59:59 of the day is the first day, calculated in Taiwan time
  • SIM card specifications: Nano , Micro , standard card (detachable)
  • Expiry date : 2022/12/30 (continuously updated)

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